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Taming The Triple

Taming The Triple

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Newly published, if you are looking to do your first triple peel, or do a lot more triples, this is for you. For the first time, here is a book designed for players who are not yet in the ‘expert’ category. 

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Taming The Triple is a straightforward, practical approach to getting triple peels done. It feels like a one-to-one coaching session, taking you step-by-step, shot-by-shot, and guiding you with over 130 colour diagrams. It has been tried and tested with players with handicaps from -1 upwards. It works!

The accompanying ePracticePack is an innovation in the world of croquet. It has all the main diagrams covering every sequence of play for your triple peel. Load it to your phone, iPad or tablet, and take it with you to the lawns to make your practising easy and effective.

If you are wanting to get your first triple peel done, or complete triples more consistently, or perhaps you coach the triple peel, then this book is for you.

Here’s Dave Kibble’s review:

 "Roger has devised a method that makes the triple peel accessible to any single-bisquer wanting to take their game to the next level of enjoyment … A very well-written, structured and accessible book…The style has the feel of a personal coaching session … I'm sure I'd have done my first triple peel sooner had I read this book first. Now, with over 500 triples completed, I've checked out Roger's schemes and they do work and are easy to understand and follow. He doesn't tell you how the elite players do it ,he tells you how you can do it with your current skills. I heartily recommend Taming the Triple to the ambitious and fun-seeking single-figure-handicap player”


Author Roger Mills

108 pages -paperback, with coloured photographs and 130 colour diagrams

Page size 19 x 24.5cm

ISBN 978-1-8384350-1-1

Customer reviews
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Very fortunately got to know the existing of this book.
It astounded me after coming across the book.
It is a book with wholehearted exhibitions of generosity, genuineness, vitality and penetrating knowledge.
It moves me in every aspect.
It answers my questions about why I could not do the triple before and leads my way to conquer the triple.
It is a true beauty in our croquet world!
Love it so much.

Wendy Wu.
Wendy W.
Shopping Satisfaction
Already scanned the book and have begun to read in detail. Book is well set out and easy to read.
Paul P.
Shopping Satisfaction
Clear and concise help to make Triples the norm rather than the occasional chanced upon opportunity.
Derek K.
Shopping Satisfaction
I’m really thrilled with your book. I have never read a croquet book that is: so readable, so easy to follow, so very well written and in plain English! I really appreciate the detail and thought you have put into it. It must have taken you ages to check and double check! Big congratulations.
Richard P.
Shopping Satisfaction
Very comprehensive
Derek B.
Shopping Satisfaction
Wonderful way of explaining how to "tame the triple" - best book yet with easy to read and understand dialogue and pictures.
Derek W.
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