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PFC Hoop Runner Mallet

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PFC Hoop Runner Mallet

As with the ‘hoop maker’ mallets, the PFC ‘CF’ hoop runnerrange are made accurately to within 1,000 of and inch and are balanced towithin .2 of a gram. They are made on a quarter of a million dollar machine.

The carbon-fibre shafts are ovoid with a comfortable blackleather grip and are removable (Allen key and full instruction are provide

The ‘cf’ hoop runner range incorporate the hoop makerpatented shock transfer design as well as our new patented muffled strikingnoise technology.

In addition, each round PFC ‘CF’ hoop runner mallet comeswith two sets of striking faces (Brass and Zelatron) which can be interchangedat any time using the transfer device supplied.



11” (279mm.) MALLET HEAD, 2 ½”(55mm) DIAMETER AND WEIGHS 2lbs. 15.7ozs (1.352gms) With Brass StrikingFaces- with a 36” handle -.