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Omega Adjustable Club Croquet Hoop Single white

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These steel  hoops are designed for club and tournament play and meet the standards of the Croquet Association, the World Croquet Federation and the laws of the game. 

The Omega hoop has been designed to allow in-situ hoop adjustment to a high degree of accuracy with minimal effort, on the part of the setter, and minimal disturbance to the green. This is achieved using carrots that are eccentrically and rotatably mounted on the uprights such that the upright spacing can be adjusted in a controlled manner using a standard 24 mm spanner on the carrot-top hexagons. The adjustment is indicated by a hole marker in the top of each carrot.

Overall length 21 (53cm), Carrot length 9" (23cm), giving a regulation height 12" (30cm)

Width: 3 3/4 adjustable

Diameter: 17mm

  • Only Singles available: single white and single red topped