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Golf Croquet Tactics 2nd Edition

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Golf Croquet Tactics 2nd EditionThis is an in-depth look at theprinciples and tactics of golf croquet presented as a series of tacticalproblems and possible solutions to show how these principles can be appliedduring a game. As the title suggests, this book is all about tactics and does not discuss stroke play. It is therefore aimed at players who know the rudiments of Golf Croquet but need to develop their tactics, so itís not a beginners book. It covers: tactics,tactical problems and solutions, extra turns, giving away extra turns, teachingtactics.  Author Michael Hague is a Golf Croquet Coach and referee.

This book is an ideal extension to 'A guide to Golf Croquet', which covers stroke play and basic priciples, but little on more advanced tactics.

Author: Michael Hague