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Beyond Expert Croquet Tactics

Keith Wylie's book Expert Croquet Tactics has been the bible for aspiring champions since it was first published in 1985. Top level association croquet has changed a lot since then but no-one has dared to publish a book to update Wylie - until now. 

Limited Copies Available
12oz Composite Croquet Ball - single Ubergames
This lighter more durable, composite ball is regulation size and is available in Primary and Secondary colours
12oz Composite Croquet Balls - Set of 4 Ubergames
These lighter weight, durable croquet balls are ideal for family games of garden croquet as they do not require strength or technique to travel.
16oz Composite Croquet Ball - single Ubergames
This durable, composite ball is regulation
Alternative Croquet
Alternative Association Croquet Formats and Games
Ball Gauge Set
These gauges are used to check that tournament Croquet Balls meet the strict CA and International size standards. The set comprises of three gauges with maxximal, nominal and minimal ball diamter holes.