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Sanford Family Croquet Set - Garden Games

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Sanford Family Croquet Set - Garden GamesThis garden croquet set has been designed for fun family games in the garden. The set includes two children’s mallets and two smaller balls giving younger family players an easier game. Full sized metal hoops offer a challenge for adults.

Each Sandford Family Croquet Set includes:

2 x adult sized mallets. Overall length approx. 37.5” (95cm); weight 2lb 10oz (1.2kg)
2 x children’s mallets with heads painted red and blue and fabric grip. Length; 31” (78.5cm).
2 x full sized 12oz (340g) wooden painted balls*
2 x smaller 6.05oz (185g) wooden painted balls *
6 x hoops. Height 17” (43.7cm) Width 5” (12.2cm), Wire Diameter 1mm
4  x white topped and 1 x red topped and 1 x blue topped
1 x centre peg; height 21 ½”(54cm), diameter 40mm
4 x plastic clips
1 x zip fastening nylon bag with shoulder strap for easy storage and transport.

Overall weight: 9.4kg

*Note that the balls are painted wood - like the old traditional balls. However, due to the nature of the game, the paint will deteriorate over time and probably from first use.