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PFC Hoop Maker Mallet

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PFC Hoop Maker MalletThese mallet heads are made from precision machined aluminium alloy. The unique series of holes and central stem have been developed to reduce the effort needed to send the ball the required distance. This, combined with a strike face guaranteed to be at right angles to the central plane and the increased consistency and precision of machined alloy, results in greater accuracy for the player. The end plates are dovetailed onto the striking face and guaranteed never to come loose.

The carbon-fibre shafts are ovoid with a comfortable black leather grip and are removable (Allen key and full instruction are provided).

Mallet Head Length Options:
Standard 9 5/8 mallet head. This is an ideal mallet for the club player who wants to improve their game (available with Brass or Zelanite Endplates).
Competition 11 mallet head. These mallets are designed for more experienced Croquet players (available with Brass or Black MMT Endplates).

Endplate Options:
Brass a traditional well tested endplate material providing an ideal striking surface with a unique striking sound.
Black MMT a synthetic hard waring material suitable for beginners right up to Club competition players.
Zelanite- a synthetic endplate designed to assist rolling shots and passing roll shots for association croquet.