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Junior Executive Set - Ubergames

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Storage Type : Nylon Bag with carry handles
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Junior Executive Set - UbergamesWith everything you will find in an adult set the Junior Executive Croquet set will not disappoint. This set is beautifully-crafted, durable and designed specifically for kids. The mallets are constructed of the highest quality English Ash mallets with brass protection rings and leather-bound handles and are supplied in two different lengths, 2 x 24" and 2 x 28". The painted wooden balls are lighter to make the game easier for beginners. The hoops are solid steel to cope with ‘British’ weather. This is a set to encourage younger players to take up Croquet.

Each Junior Executive Set includes:
4 x English Ash mallets with brass protection rings and leather grips: 2 x 24 " (61cm);2 x 28” (71cm)
4 x 9oz (255g) wooden, painted balls*
4 x clips
6 x solid steel hoops. Height 17 ½” (43cm), Width 4” (10cm), Wire Diameter 11mm:4 x white topped, 1 x red topped, 1 x blue topped. All dipped to 5 ½” to leave the regulation 12” above ground.
1 x rubber headed hoop mallet4 x corner flags
4 x yard markers
Hardwood centre peg; height 21” (53cm), diameter, 1 ½” 30mm

*Note due to the nature of the game, the paint on the wooden balls will deteriorate over time and probably from first use.

Nylon Bag with carry handles

This hard wearing, zip fastening bag will hold all yourcroquet equipment with ease. The carry handles and a shoulder strap ensures theset can be carried by one (strong) or two people.

Size – 39” (98cm) Long X 10” (25cm) Wide x 10” (25cm) Deep

Overall weight: 17kg


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