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George Wood Championship Croquet Hoops - Set of 6

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George Wood Championship Croquet Hoops - Set of 6
These steel  hoops are designed for club and tournament play and meet the standards of the Croquet Association, the World Croquet Federation and the laws of the game. They have slightly narrower carrots than usual and are powder coated.  This set is a popular choice for smaller and newly established clubs.

Made from powder coated steel hoops
Overall length 20 (51cm), Carrot length: 8 (20cm), regulation height 12" (30cm)
Width: 3 11/16
Diameter: 5/8 (17mm)

        Each Set contains: 4 x white, 1 x red topped, 1 x blue topped
        Singles available: single white, single red topped and single blue topped

As supplied in the Croquet Association Club Croquet Set

These are no longer supplied with a nylon bag.