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Garden Croquet Hoops

Club-Style Croquet Hoops - Ubergames
The well made garden hoops are aimed at those looking for a more substantial hoop in their garden being similar in style to those found in Croquet clubs.
Club-Style Hoop Drill - Ubergames
This handy drill is designed for make the holes for the Ubergames Club-Style Hoops and avoids using a heavy hammer or mallet on the hoops themselves.

Cottage Croquet Hoops - Garden Games - Set of 6
These thin, lightweight hoops are ideal for smaller children's sets which are easy to transport.
Croquet Hoops 11mm Ubergames
These inexpensive hoops are designed for Garden Croquet and are available as a set of 6 or as single hoops
George Wood Steel Garden Croquet Hoops
Designed for garden croquet, these hoops are made of steel tube, making them relatively light, but with a good thickness to the uprights. Available to buy as a set of 6 or as single hoops.
Lawn Croquet Hoops - Garden Games - Set of 6
These lightweight croquet hoops are designed for smaller, lighter croquet sets.
Limited Time Offer - Home Practice Set

This set comprises a Steel Hoop and a Composite 16 oz Ball for Club Croquet players who want to have the ability to be able to practise at home.
This is a limited time offer as it is end of line stock!
The ball / hoop colour is picked at random!
Please feel free to contact the office to enquire about availibility of colours!
Longworth Croquet Hoops - Garden Games - Set of 6
These simple, good quality hoops are designed for garden croquet