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Croquet Mallets

From children to club players, we have a wide range of mallets to suit everyone.
Championship Croquet Mallets - Ubergames
This superior Garden Croquet Mallet from Ubergames has a Club-style, Rosewood head with brass rings and an octagonal, Ash handle.
Cottage Croquet Mallet - Garden Games
This smaller sized croquet mallet is ideal for younger players and for playing croquet in smaller gardens.
Executive Croquet Mallet - Ubergames
This premium Croquet Mallet is crafted from the finest English Ash
Family Mallet - Ubergames
 Good quality children's mallets. With  hardwood heads and wooden handles.
Garden Croquet Mallet - Ubergames
The Garden Mallet is a great value Croquet Mallet with a standard hardwood head and a wooden handle.
George Wood Discovery Croquet Mallet
The Discovery has been developed to incorporate the popular characteristics from the Evolution and the Original Mallet. The shaft is lightweight carbon fibre with an EVA handle and separate roll grip. The beautiful square hardwood head has 12mm tufnol endplates and an inlaid sight line.
George Wood Evolution Croquet Mallet
George Wood's Evolution Mallet is popular with both improving and top class players. The carbon fibre shaft and 10" Rosewood head with stainless steel end plates delivers a mallet which is ideally balanced and superior playing characteristics.
George Wood Garden Croquet Mallet
This garden croquet mallet is crafted from the finest hardwoods, it has a cylindrical, dark hardwood head and a lighter coloured, hardwood hand.
George Wood Hurlingham Croquet Mallet
This is a premium quality garden mallet, with a round brass bound hardwood head with sight line. The handle is octagonal and made from prime American White Ash.