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Croquet Association Club Set

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Croquet Association Club Set

This set has been put together by the Croquet Association from some of the best sources available and all items meet the standards defined by the Croquet Association, the World Croquet Federation and the laws of the game. It is an ideal set for a new club or for anyone wanting a club-quality croquet set that will stand the test of time.

The mallets are from world-renowned mallet-maker, George Wood of New Zealand. The mallet heads are made from South American Massa which is extremely hard, dense and stable. It carries independent 'FSC Pure' certification that it's sourced from 100% legal and well managed forests. The timber is kiln dried timber with an inlaid sighting line and ‘Tufnol' end plates fitted.

The Sunshiny Tournament ball meets the standards set by the CA for tournaments and club competitions. These are high quality, solid plastic balls with a fine milled pattern and are popular with new and smaller clubs.

The GW Championship hoops meet the CA regulations. Made from solid 3/4" and 5/8" steel with turned metal carrots they're manufactured to a tolerance of + /- 1/32th of an inch. Made with a gap between the uprights of 3 11/16ths. Suitable for International matches. Powder coated white and packed in strong nylon carry bag with individual pockets for each hoop.

Each Croquet Association Club Croquet Set contains:

  • 4 x George Wood Original croquet mallets – 36” long, weighing 3lb each
  • 4 x Sunshiny primary colour tournament balls.
  • 6 x George Wood Championship Hoops.
  • 4 x metal croquet clips.
  • 4 x corner flags on metal posts.
  • 1 x centre peg
  • A copy each of Laws of Association Croquet and Rules of Golf Croquet

The set comes in a pine box with rope handles