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Club-Style Croquet Hoops - Ubergames

(Code: UG-185Set)
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Club-Style Croquet Hoops - UbergamesThese more substantial hoops made from steel tubing have pointed cones or 'carrots' which helps to insert the hoops and hold the hoops more firmly in the ground. The generous 4" opening is ideal for garden croquet but are not suitable for Croquet Clubs.


Made from painted steel tubing with 'carrot' ends.
overall length 20" (51cm) with 8" (20cm) carrots giving the regulation 12" (31cm) height when inserted
Internal width 4" (10cm)

Each Set contains: 4 x white, 1 x red topped, 1 x blue topped
Singles available: single white, single red topped and single blue topped

Please select Set of 6, single white single, blue topped or single red topped.

As supplied in the Ubergames Executive and Ubergames Championship Sets.