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Championship Croquet Set - Ubergames

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Championship Croquet Set - UbergamesThe Championship Mallets are square-headed Rosewood with brass strips to protect the end faces of the mallet.  The shafts are English Ash with a leather grip for comfort.  The mallets come in two sizes, which is useful for players of differing heights.

The hoops are made of painted solid steel with ‘carrots’ at the end for stability and ease of insertion. The plastic balls are regulation diameter and weight.  In addition there are four corner flags on metal poles, clips and a useful hoop drill and rubber headed hoop mallet used to make the holes in the ground for the hoops and insert the hoops.

Please note this is a Garden Croquet Set and not designed for Croquet Clubs

Each Championship Croquet Set includes:
4 x Championship Mallets with square Rosewood heads with brass protection stripe; length 9 ½” (24cm), width 2 Ό”  (6cm): overall lengths: 2 x 38” (96.5cm) and 2 x 34” (86cm)
4 x 16oz, plastic balls; regulation diameter 3 5/8”
6 x steel club hoops with carrots; height 20” (51cm), width 4” (10cm), wire diameter 11mm: 4 x white topped, 1 x red topped, 1 x blue topped. All dipped to 8” (21cm) leave the regulation 12” (30cm) above ground.
1 x hoop drill
1 x rubber headed hoop mallet
4 x corner flags with metal poles

4 x plastic croquet clips
1 x centre peg; height 22” (56cm),  diameter 1 ½” (3cm)
1 x nylon zip fastening bag with carry handles and shoulder strap

Nylon Bag
This hard wearing, zip fastening bag will hold all your croquet equipment with ease. The carry handles and a shoulder strap ensures the set can be carried by one (strong) or two people.
Size – 39” (98cm) Long X 10” (25cm) Wide x 10” (25cm) Deep

Overall weight: 22kg