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Centre Pegs, Clips, Corner Flags

CA Croquet Clips
These powder coated clips fit securely on the hoop to show the progress of the player. They are available in primary and tertiary colours.
Croquet Clips Ubergames
These coloured metal clips are designed to fit garden and club hoops are used to mark the progress of play during a game.
Croquet Corner Flags -Set of 4  Ubergames
These traditional corner flags on metal stakes are ideal for defining the corners of the Croquet lawn.
GW Centre Peg
These painted wooden Centre Pegs are regulation size and available as 4-colour, 6-colour and 8-colour Pegs
GW Croquet Corner Flags- Set of 4
All weather croquet corner flags with or without powder coated metal stakes.
Synthetic Centre Peg
A solid white high density synthetic Peg with a 10" (21cm) stainless steel spike to provide extra stability. This is regulation size and available in Primary Colours only.