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12oz Composite Croquet Balls - Set of 4 Ubergames

(Code: UG152-1)
Prim/Sec Colours :
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12oz Composite Croquet Balls - Set of 4 UbergamesA set of four lighter, more durable Composite Croquet Balls in either first or secondary colours.  These balls are suitable for garden play as they will travel further in longer grass but provide the same challenge when aiming for the hoop. These are ideal for replacing wooden balls which tend to wear out before the rest of the croquet set.

Each Set contains:

4 x 12oz regulations size Composite balls: diameter 3 5/8(9.2cm), weight 12oz(340g)
1 x canvas storage bag with carry handles

Please select First or Secondary Colours
First Colours: yellow, red, blue and black
Secondary Colours: white, pink, green, brown